Easter Pop-up Saturday, April 3rd
at Coco Coquette!!

Celebrate Easter with a large but light-n-fluffy naturally leavened donut full of a fresh, delightful filling.

Pickup at the amazing Coco Coquette


Sourdough Donuts

These are not your normal donuts.  A hefty, but light-n-fluffy natural leavened donut filled with fresh, delightful flavors.

A party pack consists of 6 donuts, 1 of each flavor.  The Vegan option includes at least 3 of the flavors with a couple doubled.  Pre-ordering is highly suggested as we do usually sell out.

All sourdough donuts are baked day of and made with the freshest natural ingredients.


MudJewel's Bakehouse

Freshly Baked Sourdough You Can't Resist

At MudJewel's Bakehouse you’ll find the tastiest sourdough baked goods made fresh in our kitchen. From warm and fluffy to decadent and dreamy, we’ve got the recipe for a truly delicious sourdough experience.  Isn’t it time you you got your sourdough kick?

Freshly Baked

The Benefits of Sourdough

Sourdough is a culture of yeasts and beneficial bacteria that occur naturally in bread flour and dough. The yeasts are more varied and less concentrated than baker’s yeast, so they raise the dough more slowly. The lactic acid bacteria (LAB) also require many hours of fermentation to work their wonders.

Real sourdough is very simple, as befits a method that’s thousands of years old. You take some starter, refresh it with several times its own weight of fresh flour and water and let this ferment for some hours until the yeast population has grown. You use most of this dough to make bread by adding more flour, water and salt, and keep a little bit back as your starter for the next batch of bread.

(There is no need to fuss over and ‘feed’ your starter regularly: we’re talking fermentation here, not pet-care. Established starters will keep undisturbed in the fridge for days, weeks or months between bakes.)

Time is crucial. When the sourdough is allowed to ferment slowly over several hours, it is able to transform the main ingredient – flour – in ways that together justify sourdough bread’s claim to be the best. 

Andrew Whitley of Bread Matters


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